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29 July 2019 - News


Education cluster strategy

The armed conflict in eastern Ukraine continues to have a fundamental devastating impact upon children, youth, education personnel and the whole education system; especially in the areas along the 427-kilometer-long ‘contact line’. 

There is widespread evidence of the cumulative effect of the conflict on 735,000 children and teachers[1]learning and teaching in 3,500 education facilities in the wider affected areas. Access to education is intermittently disrupted and the wellbeing and learning of children and youth is severely affected due to conflict-related stress, trauma and prolonged toxic fear. Being both caretakers and victims, teacher’s ability to teach is impacted as they themselves are severly stressed.

It must be noted there are differences in the specific needs of children and communities living in Government controlled areas (GCA) and non-Government controlled areas (NGCA) due to disconnected education systems as well as factors such as security, safety, response mechanisms, economic decline and services available. In line with Education Cluster mandate we work in conflict affected areas based on principles of humanity, impartiality, independence and neutrality.

The Ukraine Education Cluster (UEC) Strategy has been developed in consultation with partners, and it is closely aligned with the multi-year Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP). However, the UEC Strategy is intended to be broader in its scope than the HRP, presenting the UEC’s approach in areas not touched upon in the HRP. 

This Strategy is aimed at building a common understanding and commitment among partners, ensuring not only global minimum standards as our joint foundation but also that context-specific standards are set, shared and adhered to.

[1]Of these, 670,000 are estimated to be children and 67,000 teachers. 343,000 learn and teach in Government controlled areas (GCA) and another 394,000 in Non–Government controlled areas (NGCAs) in Donetska and Luhanska oblasts.