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14 September 2021 - News

International Day to Protect Education from Attack

This year, the International Day to Protect Education from Attack was remarkable in Kyiv, Ukraine.

A round table was held in the Ministry of Education and Science with the participation of First Deputy Minister Andriy Vitrenko, Save the Children Director in Ukraine Kateryna Slobodianyk and Deputy Head of UNICEF Ukraine Mikaela Bauer.

The event was organized with the support of international partners - the Humanitarian Aid department of the European Commission (ECHO) and Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the authorities, international humanitarian organizations and civil society. Moreover, children and teachers from schools located along the contact line and directly affected by hostilities also joined. Both children and teachers had an opportunity to speak about their struggles and outline the changes in the educational process during ongoing conflict they are willing to see.

The purpose of the event was to strengthen support and accelerate the implementation of Ukraine’s commitments within the framework of the implementation of the provisions of Safe Schools Declaration, to guarantee the protection of every educational institution in eastern Ukraine.

Ukraine was the 100th country to join the Safe Schools Declaration, which is a political commitment to protect education during armed conflict.

First Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Andriy Vitrenko presented the National Action Plan for the Implementation of the Declaration, approved by the Government on August, 4.

“Save the Children remains committed to support the Government of Ukraine in the realization of the SSD National Implementation Action Plan with specific actions towards protecting children in the conflict and enabling them to have uninterrupted schooling in the situation of conflict. We sincerely hope that we will jointly succeed in reaching as many children and teachers living in conflict as possible, especially those who are in need of protection.” - said Kateryna Slobodyanik, Director of Save the Children in Ukraine.

The parties agreed to continue working on the implementation of the Safe Schools Declaration provisions and the National Action Plan within the interministerial working group.