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23 April 2020 - News

The reflection of six years of the conflict in the eyes of children. Danil

Another story to reflect the six years of the conflict will be the story of 12 years-old Danil from Nyzhnie settlement, Luhanska oblast, the east of Ukraine. [around 7 km from the contact line].

Starting from 2014, Danil has never left his home. The conflict around is ongoing and he values every peaceful moment he has. He lives with his parents and often goes fishing with his father or a friend. He is passionate about it. He also does not mind to stay alone with books and looks for any opportunity to find answers to his philosophical questions.

“This process absorbs all your thoughts. I need those moments of peace. I love fishing cause no matter what you feel in that particular moment, it is very soothing. When you are pulling the fish, you totally concentrate on that. The sound of the river, the bird singing and some very sincere emotions which cannot be felt in any other situation. However, I remember vividly the memory of the conflict, I remember the rocket falling down in approximately 150 m from our house, the fountain of earth, we started to run to the basement.

Since that time, I got adapted to this situation. When I hear shelling, I do not respond anyhow emotionally. The cold mind stays although. When there is intense shelling, it is scary to go fishing. This is a river. What if there is some kind of overshooting or undershooting, so I rather stay home. School is the place where I also feel safe. No one will shell upon the school. So, I find what keeps me busy there. I perform during different school events and try to be active in the school life somehow. Recently I joined the School Safety Committee. I like it very much. There you can rediscover yourself and understand others better."

Save the Children with the financial support of EU Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations department (ECHO) established School Safety Committees in schools along the contact line in the east of Ukraine. School Safety Committees predominantly work on risk mapping and mitigation, as well as improvement of the safety in school through activities led by the Committee. Children like Danil together with adults create a risk map of their school and community which is a learning process for all the community members about risks and ways of mitigating them. School Safety Committee prevents children from feeling powerless and gives them a chance to exercise their right to be heard and to have their views taken into account. Those videos are the confirmation of the successes we achieved in empowering children we work with and for.

"Regarding the future, I do not know about the profession, but I want to become a successful person. And for my settlement, I would wish peace, so people stay here to live, that they are happy that they live in this neighborhood.”

Watch the video-story of Danil which is the examples  of the successes we achieved in empowering children we work with and for.