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Virtual Gallery ``WAR HAS NO CHILD’S FACE``

We are using this opportunity to invite you to join Save the Children’s virtual gallery dedicated to children living in eastern Ukraine. Welcome to the world of children living along the contact line and the virtual photo exhibition WAR HAS NO CHILD’S FACE which is an opportunity for a number of authors to present their photos of the children who live in the situation of constant fear and anxiety due to the ongoing conflict.

Sasha Maslov, Andriy Maximov, Mats Lignell and Simon Edmunds spent some time with children in eastern Ukraine, learning about their lives and how they cope with the situation they have been facing for many years. By this virtual exhibition we are marking the World Children’s Day, 20 November, a day which is celebrating the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) which Ukraine signed. This Convention sets out the rights of children with 54 articles that provide us with a solid road map of what is needed to raise healthy and happy children and youth. This year’s theme is The Right to Survive and Thrive and children in these photos will show us how they survive and thrive. On the same date two years ago, 20 November 2019 Ukraine endorsed the Safe Schools Declaration becoming the 100th country in the world who by signing the SSD as the only international document on safety of schools, children and teachers in armed conflict showed commitment to protect education in conflict.

All these children whose photos are exhibited and many more who live in eastern Ukraine are looking at all of us, responsible adults to help them live normal life like their peers across Ukraine.

Happy watching!